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      Time:2015-8-24 18:16:04  From:Tengda electric power equipment

      Electric power fittings manufacturer for everyone finishing related to send the use of power line fittings, simple transmission line fittings, according to the main properties and application can be divided into: clamp, the connecting fittings, connecting fittings, door fittings, cable fittings.

      (1) line clip:

      Suspension wire clip for wire fixed on straight-line towers of suspension insulator strings, or overhead ground wire hanging in the straight-line towers of overhead ground wire bracket.

      Wire clip: is used to wire or aerial wire fixed on the string of the insulator string, play a role in anchoring. There are three main types of resistance to tension line, which are bolt type, compression type, tension line clip, and wedge type.

      Bolt type anti tension line clip: is a U type screw with the vertical pressure and the line clip of the wave form of the friction effect to the fixed lead.

      Compression type strainclamp: it is composed of aluminum and steel anchor. Steel anchor used for connecting and anchoring steel cored aluminum strand steel core, then set on the aluminium tube body, to pressure metal plastic deformation, so as to prevent the wire clamp and wire bonding as a whole by hydraulic, application corresponding specifications of the steel mould to hydraulic compression. When the explosive pressure is used, the wire clamp and the conductor (overhead ground wire) can be pressed into a whole by using one burst pressure or two burst pressure.

      Wedge clamp: used to install the steel wire, wire and cable tower overhead ground wire fastening. It makes use of wedge splitting force, so that the steel wire locking clip.

      (2) connecting fittings: connecting fitting is used to and between towers, clamps and insulator string, the overhead wire clamp fittings connection between the tower and insulator string. The commonly used connection fittings: ball head hanging ring, bowl hanging plate, a hanging ring, U type rectangular hanging plate etc..

      (3): used for connecting the connection hardware connection and the connecting wire of overhead ground wire, strain tower jumper. Setting the connection hardware: clamp splice fittings, hydraulic connection hardware, bolt connection hardware, detonation pressure connection hardware.

      (4) door fittings for door wire, OPGW vibration preventing hammer, support lines, damping line; for rods inhibit subspan oscillation interval; for the protection of insulator strings generated corona shielding ring and anequalizing ring.

      (5) cable fittings for adjustment and stability of Guyed transmission tower fittings: can be adjustable ut wire clamp; steel wire clips, and double cable connecting plate, etc..

      For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website: www.gtsport.com.cn, keywords: strainclamp, electric power fittings manufacturers

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